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Doney Coffee brewed with French Press


My love for excellent coffee began while I was working a college job as a barista then training manager at a coffee shop chain during the "Second Wave" era of US coffee. As I aged out of college, I found that I still loved the high quality coffee, but couldn't afford to pay for daily coffee shop visits or expensive mail order coffee beans. It was just over a decade ago that I started roasting coffee out on my in-law's backyard deck with a modified popcorn popper. 

Over the years, I expanded from the popcorn popper roaster to a gutted bread maker machine and heat gun, literally held together with bailing wire. Currently, Doney Coffee is roasted with love and care in a higher capacity converted propane BBQ grill. In November 2020, I quit my day job in order to share my love of affordable, excellent coffee with all of you!

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