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Donkey's Kick

Donkey's Kick

This coffee is not for half-assed coffee drinking! If you like your coffee strong, dark, and bold, these beans are for you. You won't find acidity or fancy flavors, but it will wake you up with its kick.


This Sumatra-based blend has deep, robust flavors of dark, smoky chocolate with a bold, creamy body. It is a blend of arabica beans that are 1/3 Organic and 2/3 Rainforest Alliance certified. If you like dark, strong coffee, then  Donkey's Kick is for you!


Doney Coffee is sourced from sustainable sources around the world and rigorously tested (by me, I love coffee). Roasted every Monday and Thursday morning. Available for mailed orders, local delivery, and free pickup from the roastery.

    Excluding Sales Tax
    Price Options
    One-time purchase
    For those who drink as much as I do
    $12.00every week until canceled
    1 pound of coffee every 2 weeks
    $12.00every 2 weeks until canceled
    1 pound of coffee every 3 weeks
    $12.00every 3 weeks until canceled
    1 pound of coffee every 4 weeks
    $12.00every 4 weeks until canceled
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