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Early Sunset

Early Sunset

Early Sunset Coffee has the caffeine removed, but not the excellent flavor. This coffee can be enjoyed any time of day, since it will not keep you awake at night. It is perfect served with dessert, or whenever you like!


Whole bean coffee, from the mountains outside Veracruz, Mexico. The decaffeination process is "mountain water" decaffeination, and is completely chemical-free.  I roast it a little Dark (FC+), and it has a flavor profile that is smooth, milk chocolate, nougat, and also has a low acidity.  It is an excellent choice for those who can't have caffeine, or as an after dinner treat with Bailey's chocolate. 


Doney Coffee is sourced from sustainable sources around the world and rigorously tested (by me, I love coffee). Roasted every Monday and Thursday morning. Available for mailed orders, local delivery, and free pickup from the roastery.

    Excluding Sales Tax
    Price Options
    One-time purchase
    for those who drink as much as I do
    $12.00every week until canceled
    1 pound of coffee every 3 weeks
    $12.00every 3 weeks until canceled
    1 pound of coffee every 4 weeks
    $12.00every 4 weeks until canceled
    1 pound of coffee every 2 weeks
    $12.00every 2 weeks until canceled
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