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Brewing with a Moka Pot

A Moka Pot creates a delicious espresso-like coffee. They're also available in a range of sizes from 1-cup (1 shot), all the way up to 18-cups. Keep in mind, when brewing with a Moka Pot you HAVE to brew for the capacity of the full pot. So, if you go for the massive 18-cup Moka Pot, you're gonna get 18 shots, so, you better get ready to be super caffeinated or have enough people to share with! I opt for the 3-cup pot for just me as it's perfect to make one good-sized cup of strong coffee!

Materials: -Moka Pot

-Fresh roasted coffee ground coarser than espresso, but finer than your drip.

-Boiling water (or at least room temp)

-Heat source (oven, or electric burner)

-Optional: milk, creamer, syrup

When gathering your materials to brew your coffee, you want to make sure you're using quality coffee and the right water. As for the coffee, using a fresh-roasted espresso bean - like our Dawnshot Espresso will give you the best results. Using the right water will also have an impact on how your coffee tastes and how your Moka Pot functions. You want to try and avoid using "hard" water as the excess minerals when heated up can start to produce limescale (


1. Once your materials are acquired, and your water is boiling, you want to fill the base of your pot with the water - only up to right below the safety valve.

2. Then, you want to fill your funnel completely with coffee grounds - DO NOT TAMP. You can tap it on the counter to level it out then make sure the edges are free from excess grounds as it will affect the seal.

3. Carefully place the funnel into the base *THE BASE WILL BE HOT*, and screw on the top portion using a towel or oven mitts.

4. Place your Moka Pot on the burner and set the temperature to medium-


5. Leave the lid open so you can watch what's happening!

6. It will take anywhere from 5-10 minutes for the magic to start - be patient. As tempting as it may be, try not to increase the heat to speed things up, you will run the risk of burning your sacred coffee :( .

7. You will soon begin to hear a gurgling and see your coffee begin to flow up through the pot into the top chamber.

8. Once the chamber begins to fill and the coffee pouring over becomes a golden color, and it begins to sputter, remove from heat, and run the base under cool water to stop the brewing process.

9. Pour your delicious Moka Pot coffee into a mug and ENJOY as desired!

10. I like to add honey and oat milk to my cup but feel free to find your favorite combo or drink as straight espresso.


-Flavored syrup and milk

-Splash of creamer

-Add more hot water to make an americano

-Add a dollop of steamed milk foam for a delicious cappuccino


Once your Moka Pot has cooled down, dispose of your coffee grounds in your compost, disassemble your pot, and simply clean all elements with water. NO SOAP NEEDED. If you do accidentally use soap to clean your Moka Pot, you might be stuck with soapy tasting for the next couple of brews. If you do accidentally add a little soap to your pot - immediately rinse it with hot water, and use it to brew a pot of coffee that you will then dispose of (unless you want to drink coffee that tastes like soap...).

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