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Summer Rain / CotM / Congo

Coffee of the Month - Summer Rain

For the last year or so, I have been using full size (60-70kg) bags of green coffee beans for the Summer Rain light roast, but it has taken a long time to work through the bag due to low sales. Recently I decided to switch to 20lb bags, so that we will be able to try new coffee varieties every month or so, making the Summer Rain more of a Coffee of the Month.


The current bean is an Organic certified coffee from the eastern side of Congo. When looking at the unroasted beans, they are clearly natural or dry processed, and have a much more varied bean size than the other beans I roast. I roasted the coffee into 1st Crack, and pulled it towards the end, as I do with my typical light roasts. The bean size variability resulted in a somewhat uneven roast, which isn't uncommon for many beans.


I used a French Press for tasting/testing the coffee this morning. Shortly after pouring into the cup, it had a taste that was clean, smooth, and a bit of dark/bitterness to it. I suspect some of the tiny beans roasted a bit darker than the rest. As it started to cool, this coffee started to come into its own as the darkness all but disappeared and was replaced by the smooth acidity and soft fruit flavor came forward. The finish and aftertaste were all honey and maybe a little brown sugar, very enjoyable. When brewing this Congo coffee, I recommend letting it rest in the cup a minute or two for best results.

Next Up:

Next up will be a promising coffee bean from Haiti. It has the fun brand name "Singing Rooster" I've never tasted Haitian coffee, so I'm excited to try it with you!

*Pineapple is unrelated*

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