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We drink Doney Coffee every day, but I decided to try a legit cupping to see if I could pick up some more nuance. It's hard to fully appreciate coffee early in the morning while trying to wake up. I cupped both the Peru and the Guatemala, using various roast darknesses. Anyway, here was the process:

  1. Drink some coffee and think about cupping.

  2. Google "how to cup coffee"

  3. Get all the supplies ready

  4. Go for a walk to clear the sinuses

  5. Wash hands using unscented soap if possible. I got mine from

  6. Carefully measure and grind each coffee bean type and note the dry aroma.

  7. Add the hot water, wait 4 minutes

  8. Break up the "cap" and give a little stir. Note aroma

  9. Scoop the grounds off the top of each cup

  10. Noisily slurp each coffee and note the flavors. Try to disregard smells made by others in the house. Also, use the SCAA flavor wheel as a reference. It was a huge help.

  11. Run around the house a couple times, because the extra caffeine is kicking in.

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